My Yankee fandom

I’ve rooted for Liverpool F.C. since I was a kid. That one is too ingrained to change.

But, when I began following baseball, I started rooting for the home team in the first game I went to. That was the New York Yankees. Now, I am fully aware that this is like rooting for Real Madrid, Manchester United, etc., but, I really liked the (old) stadium, I really liked the uniform and cap logo, and living at the time in Germany, it was important to root for a team on the east coast, due to evening games beginning at 1 a.m., and later if the team is farther west. And I enjoyed the history of the Yankees. All those things are important to me, and I’ve been willing to put up with people assuming I’m a front-runner. 

Being a Yankee fan, though, is not something that is ingrained that deeply. I’m just eight seasons into baseball fandom. 

And if this deal goes through, I think it’s time to pick a new team. 

Some things are more important than a sports team. 

And Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. are pure fucking evil. They do nothing on this planet that is of benefit to human beings. I want no part of them. 

And if the Yankees are doing business in this manner with News Corp., I want no part of the Yankees either.


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