This is quite enjoyable. The reality of things is that, while renouncing Yankeedom, I’m probably not gonna jump on another team right away. But it’s kinda fun to feel like a free agent. On Tumblr alone, there have been 37 suggestions for teams I should root for. 

Three votes: Chicago N, Los Angeles N, Seattle, Tampa Bay.

Two votes: Baltimore, New York N, Pittsburgh, San Diego, St. Louis, Toronto

All but the following received one vote, the following having yet to be suggested: Arizona, Boston, Chicago A, Cincinnati, Colorado, Miami, Milwaukee.

I have a partial no-trade clause in my head: Boston, Texas, Miami, and if they insist on being racist, the Cleveland team and the Tomahawk Chopping Atlanta team.

But, really, I imagine 2013 will be a season of looking at pitching match-ups, and watching good baseball games whenever possible, regardless of the oft-mentioned laundry.


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