An all-feline baseball team

C - Kitty Bransfield*

1B - Johnny “The Big Cat” Mize

2B - Don “Tiger” Leppert

SS - Félix “the Cat” Millan

3B - Don “Tiger” Hoak

OF - Lance “Big Puma” Berkman

OF - Cliff “Tiger” Mapes

OF - Pussy Tebeau

DH - Andrés “Big Cat” Galarraga

LHP - Jim “Kitty” Kaat

LHP - Harry “the Cat” Brecheen

RHP - Jim Panther

RHP - Don “Tiger” Kaiser

RHP - Len “Meow” Gilmore

* Primarily a first baseman, but played four games as catcher.

† Primarily a second baseman, but did play one game at short, so that counts.

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